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Rehabilitation treatment services

Home rehabilitation services

A dedicated medical team provides door-to-door services to patients with dementia, stroke, heart disease and other long-term illnesses. We have developed a number of complete clinical care and rehabilitation courses. Our staff will follow the established procedures to conduct assessment, treatment and review effectiveness to ensure that service users receive evidence-based care and rehabilitation services.

High quality, reasonable charges

Based on the patient's needs, we will arrange for a nurse or full-time therapist to conduct an initial assessment and formulate a nursing and rehabilitation course. When providing services, simpler treatment procedures will be assisted by rehabilitation assistants to ensure service quality and efficiency.

Physical Therapist

Help patients restore physical functions and improve mobility by exercising muscle strength, balance and endurance, and help patients with chronic pain reduce pain and reduce sequelae caused by pain.

Occupational Therapist

Help patients enhance their self-care abilities through self-care skills training, assessment and recommendations on home environment modifications and purchase of rehabilitation equipment. Provide cognitive training for patients with dementia and teach caregivers to deal with emotional and behavioral problems, etc.

Speech Therapy

Assess the patient's swallowing function, help the patient improve his swallowing ability through training, reduce the use of the nose or stomach and throat due to dysphagia, and reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonia. In addition, training can also be used to help patients improve communication skills, improve social relationships and increase self-confidence.

Registered Nurse/Rehabilitation Assistant

Conduct a detailed assessment of the patient and discuss with the doctor how to manage the condition. Services include wound care, stoma care and intravenous injection. Rehabilitation Assistant, under the guidance of nurses or therapists, implements nursing and rehabilitation plans and provide intensive rehabilitation training and nursing services.

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